What To Wear To A Funeral Service

What To Wear To A Funeral Service

What To Wear To A Funeral: Expert Tips for Men & Women (2020 Edition)

The dress code for a funeral is one of the few things that is always the same no matter what type of funeral it is.

The dress code for a funeral is one that is conservative.

The dress code for a memorial service typically follows the same rules as that of a formal church funeral.

  • Use common sense: If you are attending the funeral of someone you knew to be quite formal, it is likely that the attire should be more conservative.
  • Ask for advice: The deceased may have specified a preference. For example, someone with a hearty sense of humor may have specified in his or her funeral plan that they would like everyone to wear green.
  • Dress to blend in:  You want to be dressed along the same lines as the other mourners.
  • Consider the culture: Some cultures have special traditions when it comes to funeral attire.  If the funeral is for someone with a distinct cultural background, it is perfectly acceptable to ask a family member if there is preferred attire.


The etiquette for funeral attire is the same for both men and women: attire that is respectful and conservative. Error on the side of dressing up as opposed to dressing down. Dark color is almost always appropriate. Be sure to take the weather and location of the service into consideration and consult with a family member of the deceased if you need more detailed advice.

Dressing down in the workplace and social events in general has changed over the years, funeral dress has also become more relaxed over the years, clothing should still be respectful and conservative. Try to keep the focus off yourself and just remember why you are celebrating this life at this particular time.  Select elements that are respectful and conservative and will not cause a distraction.