Using White Carnations in a Funeral Service

Using White Carnations in a Funeral Service

Sympathy flowers are especially made to send sympathy during a funeral service. They are very long-lived, beautiful flowers, and represent true love and purity. Pink carnations, white carnations, or white roses are popular choices for sympathy flowers. They’re long-lasting and beautiful flowers, which make them perfect for emotional services lasting several days, making them appropriate for many occasions.

Sympathy Flowers


A pink Carnation signifies pure innocence and purity. It’s symbolic of love and compassion and is best used in ceremonies and gatherings that last several days. Yellow carnations are often associated with friendship and companionship.


White roses are the traditional flower that represents unconditional love. The color white represents purity, and purity. White carnations symbolize innocence and sweetness. The color pink represents friendship. Pink carnations also represent memories of times gone by.


If you’re sending funeral bouquets to your loved one in the hopes they will see your sympathy or comfort, then white or yellow carnations may be appropriate. You should also include white flowers that are related to the deceased.


White roses, white carnations, and white daisies are common colors to use in sympathy arrangements. You can purchase these as bunches or individual stems. When buying stems, you may want to have an arrangement that combines the colors of the flowers.


Sympathy arrangements for your loved one should be easy to make and fairly inexpensive. Try to avoid expensive items such as silk flowers. Keep it simple and affordable. A bouquet of white flowers in a white vase is a popular choice, especially if the deceased was in your life and your relationship with him was strong.


White roses are always the centerpiece of a sympathy arrangement. Yellow roses are also a popular option, as they are more delicate and beautiful than their purple cousins.


White flowers look better with other white flowers. Try placing white roses in a gold frame or a rose pot. You can also use white flowers to brighten up a green or brown vase.


Yellow roses are sometimes used in sympathy arrangements. Yellow roses are more forgiving than pink ones. They are less likely to cause feelings of guilt in the recipient, so you may choose them if you’re sending flowers because of a death of a beloved friend. Yellow roses also symbolize remembrance of past happiness and good memories.


White carnations are the ultimate in forgiveness. White carnations are not to be used in place of a prayer. White flowers are often used to memorialize someone who has passed away. If you are sending sympathy for someone who has passed on, white carnations can be placed on a casket, or as part of a bouquet on a headstone. They are also excellent for a funeral service.