Using Social Media and Fundraiser Sites for Funeral Expenses

Using Social Media and Fundraiser Sites for Funeral Expenses

In the past, when families lost a loved one and had no burial or life insurance to help offset the costs, they held fundraisers that included car washes, bake sales, or church dinners for donations. Although some people still choose these fundraising options, time and technology have both simplified and expanded fundraising efforts to a national, or even global level; sites like Facebook, Twitter, and are only some examples of sites that can help people raise the money they need to cover funeral expenses.

Using Facebook to Promote a Fundraiser

Families who have lost a loved one can create a Facebook Page in honor of their loved one. Once they establish a fundraising account, they can post links to that account, so people can easily donate money. They can also post pictures to inspire memories of the deceased and provide links to the obituary or memorial. Additionally, they can inspire conversations that will keep people thinking and talking about the deceased, which helps with fundraising efforts. And of course, they can post specific information about funeral services.

If families want to expand fundraising efforts beyond family and friends, they can pay as little as $5 per day for Facebook to promote the site or specific posts, which directs more traffic to the Page. To get started, users want to

• go to;
• create a profile, or if a profile exists, users sign in and can find the “Create Page” link under the drop down arrow on the top right area of the home page;
• choose Cause or Community and build the page.

Users want to keep in mind that it’s not just building the page that draws in donors; they also have to keep posting the necessary information people need to care about the fundraiser and to donate money easily.

Tweeting a Fundraiser

It doesn’t take much to tweet a powerful message in 140 characters to ask friends, family, and strangers to donate money for funeral expenses. Users can create a Twitter memorial page and highlight pictures, tweet short blurbs about their loved one, and provide links to online obituaries and fundraising accounts. Like Facebook, families can also use Twitter Ads to promote their fundraiser.

Users can find Twitter Ads under the symbol that looks like a bolt on the profile page. The system will prompt them to choose their location and time zone, and once they’re done, they can choose one of the following to promote their cause:

• Tweet engagements – allows users to reach more people and to control a conversation
• Website clicks or conversations – sends more people to websites if users establish one in honor of their loved ones
• App installs or app engagements – gets people to install or engage with users’ mobile apps, which provides another way for people to donate
• Followers – helps users grow their community on Twitter
• Leads on Twitter – collects emails from people who express interest in donating

With Twitter Ads, users can set a budget and choose a time frame for their advertisement; or, they can place a bid on their fundraising campaign, so they only pay for the actions associated with their fundraising objective.

Using Fundraising Online Sites

Some people may scoff at the idea of using an online fundraising site to help raise money, but many people around the world are now turning to sites such as to help with unexpected financial situations, funeral expenses included.

In a review of this particular site, found that it’s one of the few organizations that charge no fees because of donor support funding. The only fees involved include direct processing charges from PayPal or WePay. Users have to set up an account with either company to receive online donations.

To set up their free fundraiser page and payment portal for their loved ones, family members can go to The process and platform are simple and user friendly for people who may not be tech savvy. Once established, users can share their page with friends, family, and other potential donors using the site’s promotional tools. These tools include information sharing with Facebook, Twitter, email, and other social media sites. People can post continual updates on their page, and these updates will appear on all social media sites connected to the page, which simplifies the fundraising process.

Let Technology Do The Work

Some people reading this article may say, “Using the internet to raise money is too risky.” At, our staff understands these reservations, especially when families are dealing with the loss of a loved one. However, we live in a world now where technology simplifies many things, including planning a funeral as you have witnessed with our site. If there’s a problem with paying the costs of a funeral, why not use the tools that will help ease the burden of those costs? By putting aside those reservations and using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and simultaneously to help raise funds, many families can ease the stress that comes with paying the costs of burying a loved one.