Tips For Casket Selection

Tips For Casket Selection

Choosing the casket you want is not always an easy decision to make, but choosing the right casket for your loved one’s funeral is a very important decision. Finding the right casket is more than just buying the most attractive or most expensive one available, there are many other considerations that you should make before buying a casket.

Casket Choices


An important consideration when purchasing a casket is whether it can be transported to the funeral home. There are some families that will travel for their loved one’s funeral. This may include flying from place to place, and this can make transporting the casket a problem.


Before you purchase a casket, ask family members for suggestions, and take the time to weigh the options. For example, some caskets are designed with a head rest and arm rests on the lid, which makes for a convenient container for a headstone or urn. Others have no head rest at all.


Another important consideration is the type of casket you want. Some types of caskets can be opened by lifting up the lid and opening the top; others are simply closed.


Choosing a casket that has a hood or veil over it is also another option. Hoods and veils can cover up a bit of the face of the casket, as well as protect it from damage in a fire or explosion. Also consider if you want a traditional or modern style.


You may also choose a variety of designs when you decide on the casket. One popular style is the headstone style. In this design, the base is made of wood and then the headstone is placed into the casket base. This style is also very popular for people who have just recently passed away.


There are also caskets that can be opened from the inside of the cremation container. These are much like what would be used at a funeral home, except that they are completely closed. It will cost more for this type of casket, but can offer you a more personal memorial service.


Choosing the casket for your loved one’s funeral is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. If you are planning on traveling to the funeral, ask family and friends about what they think you should and shouldn’t include in your casket. There is nothing wrong with spending a little extra money to have the service you have. in a casket that is truly meant to honor them.


Talk to the funeral director that is handling your arrangements to see what you can expect when the casket arrives. Ask if the casket is covered with a cloth or made entirely of wood. Also inquire about how much additional expense will be involved, and ask about any other casket options that are available.


Choose a casket that is durable and long-lasting. A metal casket is a good choice if you live in an area that is prone to damage from natural disasters and extreme weather, like Alaska.


Find out the color of the fabric that is used to cover the inside of the casket. Some people prefer white, while others prefer a more subdued shade such as cream. If the body had light skin, you might even consider purchasing a color such as pale blue.


Choose a casket that has a removable lining. You might even consider the possibility of insulating the inside of the casket with some type of lining. This can keep your loved one’s remains warm during the winter. This can also help prevent heat loss through the use of the fireplace and air conditioning in a home.


Find out about funeral programs that are available for your casket. This will provide additional information about your loved one’s life and the services they gave.