The Importance of Embalming

The Importance of Embalming

What is embalming and why is it necessary?

Embalming is the process of sanitizing and chemically treating the body of the deceased. This process reduces the presence and growth of microorganisms, retards the decomposition of the body, and restores an acceptable physical appearance.

Illustration of embalming in ancient Egypt.

The cells of a human body begin decomposition immediately after death. We know that brain cells break down within minutes when they do not receive oxygen. Embalming retards the decay of the body for a period of time which is often necessary to allow distant family members time to gather.

When there is to be viewing of the body, either public or by the family, embalming restores the appearance of the body. This preparation helps modify and remove marks of accidents and disease. The restoration provides an acceptable memory picture of the deceased.

Any concerns you may have about the need for embalming can be discussed with your funeral professional.


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