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Funeral Home Selection

Funeral Home Selection Funeral planning, also referred to as funeral service planning, is a crucial aspect of planning a loved one’s funeral. The funeral service is one of the last social events of a person’s life. The family and friends that have been closely associated with the deceased since childhood may become understandably frustrated with the funeral planning process. There are a few steps involved in every phase of funeral planning, but it’s important to remember that they all depend on the overall funeral service, so understanding what happens during a funeral will be of assistance to all family and friends in the future.   The first step in any funeral planning involves choosing the location of the funeral home. This decision should not be made lightly. Choosing the wrong location may lead to delays or even financial difficulties for family members, especially if the family lives far from the funeral home. This is why funeral homes are located close to the local community where the deceased lived or worked, so they can respond quickly when family members request information.   The next step in the funeral home selection process is selecting the staff of the funeral home. Funeral homes must have licensed and experienced staff members in order to help with funeral arrangements, but they must also have a sufficient number of volunteers to cover unexpected situations. In addition to having the staff members who are licensed and certified, the funeral home must also have a volunteer clergy, funeral director, funeral assistant, funeral director, or cemetery staff in place as well. The size of the staff depends on the number of attendees and the size of the funeral service. The cost of the funeral service and casket may also affect the size of the staff needed.   The third step involves gathering information regarding the services the funeral home provides for family members. This includes the time and place of the service, the number of seats, the size of the casket, and any other details that are important for the funeral services to have. Many times family members and… read more Funeral Home Selection

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Making Funeral Arrangements: Attending to Details

When someone you love has just died, there are a number of responsibilities that require your immediate attention. Your first priority, naturally, will be to comfort those most affected by the death. Then when you are able to focus your attention to making arrangements, the first calls should be to the funeral home and clergy person preferred by the family.

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What Families Need to Know About Funerals

The funeral service has evolved through the years as a result of our instinctive wish to honor our dead and to comfort the bereaved. The ceremony of the funeral symbolizes the beliefs of a culture, its hopes, its ideals, its spiritual concepts.

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How to Choose a Funeral Home

A funeral home is one of the primary concerns once a loved one has passed away or when planning your own when that time comes. This is important to ensure that you and your family will have a trusted and expert partner during these difficult times. The process is and will never be easy, that’s why we’ve come up with steps on how to start and what to look for in a funeral home.

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Guide for Making Funeral Arrangements

Losing a loved one is never an easy thing to experience. Being prepared to handle this, will make matters easier for everyone involved. This guide will help you with the steps to arranging a funeral. We’ll take you through the steps of arranging a funeral — from making the first call when someone dies to the various matters to be handled following the funeral.

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How Can Software Help You Organise a Better Funeral Fundraising Event

Planning a fundraiser for your funeral is an admirable undertaking. However, doing so can be rather stressful. Larger events that require a great deal of working with vendors and other service and product providers can be rather exhausting, too, especially if this event is being planned by one or a few people. There are better ways to go about planning these events, though. When it comes to planning a large fundraising event, the best thing to do is to make use of software that can guide the planning process.   Determine Technological Needs First and foremost, the type of access to technology needs to be assessed. This technology can be anything from mobile devices like cell phones and tablets to traditional desktops and laptops. However, accessing as much technology as possible means maximising the ability to plan the next, big event with ease. Some local and state nonprofit associations can provide consultation and referral services of where to gain information on more technology that could be available. A list of these associations can be found on the National Council of Nonprofits‘ website. Clarifying Points of Importance Initially deciding to plan a non-profit fundraising event can be extremely overwhelming. However, what needs to be declared from the beginning of the planning process is to make certain that the reason behind throwing this event is rather clear. Some software programs can help with guidance in figuring out these important parts of the process. Some software options also can provide insight in how to decide what major goals should be for the project. The goals need to be blatantly clear, written out, and should not be altered once the project has begun. Therefore, they need to be logical choices. The software options available today for planning such events means clarifying these goals and sticking to them in as many ways as possible. The goals need to be quantifiable, meaning they have to rely on numbers. Some examples of quantifiable goals are having 5,000 attendees for the event or raising $10,000.00. These types of goals are the best ones to deal with. Defining a… read more How Can Software Help You Organise a Better Funeral Fundraising Event

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Humanist Funerals: Saying Goodbye without God

Humanist funerals focus entirely on the deceased person; his life, achievements, and legacy. Now in the secular age, humanist funerals are getting popular as more and more people are abandoning theism.

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The Steps to Take When a Loved One Dies

Coping with death of a loved one is a difficult process. Although you need time and space to handle your emotions, gather your thoughts, and say goodbye, the demands that come with that process come at you from all angles. We hope this guide will help you understand this process.

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Making the Right Choice: Cremation Versus Direct Burials

Before making the choice of cremation over direct burial, we encourage you to consider what death means to you. Planning a funeral is a task for the living, and it’s a choice that has to be well thought out. Before choosing cremation for its overall cheaper cost, consider what it means to have proper closure. Sometimes, direct burials offer closure and honor to a loved one who just passed and paying a little more may be worth the price.