Pre-Need Funeral Planning in America

Death is a topic simply isn’t pleasant to talk about. However, there’s nothing relatively like being prepared. Taking care of things ahead of time is helpful as it can save you time, money, and unnecessary trouble. More Americans are now considering pre-need funeral planning as it offers them financial and emotional security not just for themselves but to their families.

With pre-planning, families and individuals find assurance in knowing that the funeral will go according to their wishes. Most of the time, when someone is face with death of a love one or a family member, decision making is difficult and emotionally draining especially that you are dealing with a lost. But when a pre-need is already crafted, it could surely help a lot.

Pre-need arrangement began in the early 1800’s with burial societies located in the South and were affiliated with a church. In 1970’s, Service Corporation International, Houston, Texas began selling an insurance product intended to pay for a funeral ahead of time. Payment could be made in installment or in one lump sum.

What is a pre-need?

Now, we define what is a pre-need. It is denoting to the planning and written documentation of desired funeral and/or cremation services and merchandise in advance of the death. As a rule, this is accomplished with the help of a trained, licensed Funeral Directors or what we call as Pre-Need Sales Counselors. They will be the ones to help you carry out the necessities of the plan.

What are the benefits of pre-need?

Americans can express their desired wishes as to how their funerals would go. You can make plans with your families or significant others ahead and eliminate future incongruities. It can relieve emotional and financial burden to the survivors and keep costs according to your budget.

Most Americans agree that it is better to pre-arrange own funeral services than passing the weight later to the bereaved families.

Who are the target population?

Women are more likely to avail of a pre-need than men and average age is 72 years old in both male and female groups.

What are the reasons why Americans are arranging funerals in advance?

Americans considered pre-need when someone from the family or close to them die. It’s when they thought about their own death and what could be improved or avoided when their time comes. It could also be influenced by a friend who availed of a plan already. More than 90% of those who pre-arrange or avail of a pre-need would recommend pre-arranging to friends and families. Also, old age increases the likelihood of placing a pre-need.

How much is the cost to pay for a pre-need?

Americans usually spend about $5,000 or higher for funerals and other miscellaneous fees. There are two methods of paying: 1.) Pay in full or lump sum or 2.) pay for it over time.

Surely, it isn’t as hard to pre-arrange your funeral. If you haven’t made one for yourself, it is not a bad idea to get one. Remember that planning is the key to a successful funeral service. You only die once, might as well get prepared.