Pet Funeral Service

Pet Funeral Service

Pets are considered part of the family. The idea of giving them a proper funeral and burial comes natural with their passing. This need has eventually led to the rise in the funeral industry’s pet death care services.

How It All Started

Veterinarians and psychologists found that having a funeral for your pet can help you cope with the grief you’re feeling. With this notion, pet funeral homes were established to help pet owners in the process. However, it must be noted that this is not a requirement that every pet owner must do once their pet dies. This is open to those who want to memorialize their pets.



Plan Your Pet’s Funeral

This may be considered by many as a new trend among pet owners but this tradition has been present since ancient times. During the funeral, some of the things you can do include lighting candles. This is one of the simplest ways to symbolize the spiritual aspect of your pet in your life.

You can also share photos and videos of your pet during the funeral. This can help in remembering their significant role and contribution in your life. You and your friends or family can also gather for a prayer and have closing goodbye for your pet. Start by sharing your fondest memories with them as you say your final farewell.

Burying Your Pet

Planning where to bury your pet is as important as planning its funeral. Majority of the pet owners bury their pets in the backyard. This is practical and also not illegal. However, if you’re only renting your home, then a permission from your landlord is the first thing to secure to avoid any complaints in the future.

Some had also buried their pets on a grave site. Others were buried beside or near their owners. There are also states and cities that have pet cemeteries which is also a suitable place to bury your furry friends.


There is also an alternative to burying which is pet cremation. You can bring and display the urn in your home, or you can also scatter his or her ashes. Just make sure that the place you’ve chosen is a legal location to scatter ashes. Read more about it HERE.

If you want to bury your pet but also want to have a memorabilia at home, you can opt for a plaque. Pet funerals can make it for you. You can choose the materials and even add a photo of your pet.

Memorialize Your Pet

If buried within the residential premises, memorialize your pet by planting a tree or shrub in the gravesite. You can also honor him or her by encouraging your friends and family to donate to animal organizations to help other animals.

If you want to have pet funeral held  for your best friend, plan it alone or with a pet funeral service provider. Regardless of your choice, remember that the purpose of this is to remember your pet, the life it lived, and the wonderful impact it has made in your life.


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