ONLINE COMMUNITIES ONLINE SUPPORT The Compassionate Friends offers “virtual chapters” through an Online Support Community (live chats). This program was established to encourage connecting and sharing among parents, grandparents, and siblings (over the age of 18) grieving the death of a child. The rooms supply support, encouragement, and friendship. The friendly atmosphere encourages conversation among friends; friends who understand the emotions you’re experiencing. There are general bereavement sessions as well as more specific sessions. Online Support


THE DEATH OF AN ADULT CHILD The death of any child, regardless of cause or age, is overwhelming to parents, who can never be fully prepared for their child to die before them. Parental grief is intense, long-lasting, and complex. The grief and the healing process contain similar elements for all bereaved parents, but for those whose adult child has died, there are additional factors that may affect their grief. Others often assume that when the child who died was an adult, the parents’ pain is less than if the child was young. Parents whose adult child has died often find their grief discounted or disallowed. Discounted Grief If an adult child dies as a result of an accident or illness, parents are frequently told by friends or family that they should be grateful their child lived as long as he or she did. Of course, you are grateful to have had your child for 20 or 30 years, or sometimes much longer, but that does not mean your grief is lessened. Many parents have observed that their relationship with their adult child had evolved into one of friendship. Not only do they feel they have lost their child—they have lost a friend, often their best friend, as well. Over time it is normal for the relationship between parents and older children to develop from parent child to a more mature relationship. Parents who have loved, reared, and encouraged their child’s development into maturity and a full life of their own, feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as the adult child completes his or her education, establishes a career and develops adult relationships. By the time a child has reached adulthood, parents have made an immense emotional and financial investment in this person. When that life has not run its anticipated span, there is often a sense of abandonment combined with total futility. Parents often question their own purpose in life, since everything they invested in their child now seems for naught. Discounted grief also occurs when the adult child dies from a cause that makes others uncomfortable or… read more THE DEATH OF AN ADULT CHILD

Pre-Need Funeral Planning in America

Death is a topic simply isn’t pleasant to talk about. However, there’s nothing relatively like being prepared. Taking care of things ahead of time is helpful as it can save you time, money, and unnecessary trouble. More Americans are now considering pre-need funeral planning as it offers them financial and emotional security not just for themselves but to their families. With pre-planning, families and individuals find assurance in knowing that the funeral will go according to their wishes. Most of the time, when someone is face with death of a love one or a family member, decision making is difficult and emotionally draining especially that you are dealing with a lost. But when a pre-need is already crafted, it could surely help a lot. Pre-need arrangement began in the early 1800’s with burial societies located in the South and were affiliated with a church. In 1970’s, Service Corporation International, Houston, Texas began selling an insurance product intended to pay for a funeral ahead of time. Payment could be made in installment or in one lump sum. What is a pre-need? Now, we define what is a pre-need. It is denoting to the planning and written documentation of desired funeral and/or cremation services and merchandise in advance of the death. As a rule, this is accomplished with the help of a trained, licensed Funeral Directors or what we call as Pre-Need Sales Counselors. They will be the ones to help you carry out the necessities of the plan. What are the benefits of pre-need? Americans can express their desired wishes as to how their funerals would go. You can make plans with your families or significant others ahead and eliminate future incongruities. It can relieve emotional and financial burden to the survivors and keep costs according to your budget. Most Americans agree that it is better to pre-arrange own funeral services than passing the weight later to the bereaved families. Who are the target population? Women are more likely to avail of a pre-need than men and average age is 72 years old in both male and female groups. What are… read more Pre-Need Funeral Planning in America

Obituaries by State

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How to Donate Your Body in the US

Have you thought about life after death? How about the body you are going to leave behind when you die? Does it even matter to think about it now while you are still alive? The truth is, there are many things you can do with your body after you give your last breath. One of these is to donate your body to science for research and scientific advancement. You can be an organ donor or donate your whole body.

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Funeral Visitation and Services

Upon learning of a death, close friends of the bereaving family if possible should visit the family’s home to offer sympathy and assistance – this is sometimes referred to as a condolence visit. The length of your stay at the visitation or funeral/graveside service or reception is a matter of discretion. The visit can take place any time within the first few weeks of death, and may be followed with one or more additional visits, depending on the circumstances and your relationship with the family.

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Flowers and Charitable Donations

Flowers at the funeral service not only add warmth and life to a somber event, they are a tangible tribute. They let the bereaved know, visibly, how much their loved one touched the lives of others. Charitable gifts in memory of the deceased are often made particularly when the family has requested gifts to be made in lieu of flowers. The family is notified of the gifts by personal note from the donor or by the charity or other organization.

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The Importance of Embalming

Embalming is the process of sanitizing and chemically treating the body of the deceased. This process reduces the presence and growth of microorganisms, retards the decomposition of the body, and restores an acceptable physical appearance. Embalming retards the decay of the body for a period of time which is often necessary to allow distant family members time to gather.

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Advantages of Online Obituaries

Online obituaries is a modern way to communicate the recent passing of a loved one. Traditionally, a newsletter or a death notice to a newspaper is often created by the next of kin once their relatives or family passes away. Whichever platform is preferred, both medium are used to inform the friends of the deceased.

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Making Funeral Arrangements: Attending to Details

When someone you love has just died, there are a number of responsibilities that require your immediate attention. Your first priority, naturally, will be to comfort those most affected by the death. Then when you are able to focus your attention to making arrangements, the first calls should be to the funeral home and clergy person preferred by the family.