Online Memorials: Celebrating Life in the Modern Age

Online Memorials: Celebrating Life in the Modern Age

In this modern age, remembering a loved one who has passed has become a significant event for family and friends. The current culture helped the funeral industry keep up with the social media trend by creating memorials or personalized obituaries. Given that our lives are predominantly spent checking on profiles, it’s no surprise that keeping in touch and sending regards are done online too.

The death of a loved one leaves a hole that can never be filled. This event serves as a reminder that we all live on borrowed time.

memorial-service-ideaThe preparations made prior to sending off a loved one to final, eternal rest is one of the ways to initiate closure. Personalizing funeral arrangements and customizing obituaries online are some of the gestures that can show our deep and unconditional love for the departed.

In the flurry of activities that come with coping with the loss and making sure that the transition runs smoothly, relatives may tend to forget some important details in the preparation. While it is customary to produce death notices for newspaper publication, it’s the personalized content creation that may be left out.

That is why customizing obituaries online to announce the loss of a loved one is a good option nowadays. It is how you encourage people to acknowledge the deceased based on how he or she wants to be remembered in a more cost-efficient way.

Given the advent of digital technology and people’s increasing reliance on information found on the web, online obituaries might just be the perfect solution. Here are some of the reasons why:

The web is a treasure trove of full color templates and well-crafted designs that are ready to edit and print. In fact, you can personalize obituaries further through the use of photos, quotes and ready links to other resources such as floral service providers, etcetera.

Meanwhile, these tasteful notices can readily be sent out to the departed’s circle or network through the Internet, thus cutting down costs and the long process of phoning in concerned individuals. Presumably, this option also has a wider reach and requires lesser effort.

Feel free to submit custom obituaries here. This valuable service is open to all, and more families are using it as a tool to create one last masterpiece that will serve as a beautiful remembrance for a life well lived.


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