November 29, 2021

How to Extend Support to the Bereaved

Death is considered as a normal part of living. However, being left behind is never easy. Sometimes, those who know they are dying are often more concerned with the people they leave behind rather than themselves.

Therefore, it’s important to be there for support. People are coping with the death of their loved ones and, as what we’ve said, it’s never easy. So, the challenge is to help them deal or even just be there for the people who are bereaved as a support.

Friends and Family
  • If you know a friend or even an entire household that’s bereaved, then you can help them by being there for them. Be there for them especially if they call for your presence during this time. Remember that your presence is a big support for them to get through the bereavement. Nonetheless, make sure that you always state the truth. Let them feel the pain and remind them that you’re here for them.
  • You can also help with their household chores. Offer a hand to care for the kids even just for awhile. You can also lend a hand to cook or help cook for them, clean their home, or even do some gardening. A helping hand will always be welcome during this time.
  • You can also show your support by making sure that you allow the bereaved family or friend to grieve. Grief belongs to the person grieving. So, the best thing you can do is to let the person do as he or she pleases.
  • Don’t forget to keep in touch even after months of bereavement. Remember that no one can ever actually move on from losing someone to death. The only thing they can do is to get used to the absence of the person. So, make sure they also have another person they can call too by keeping in touch and listening to them.
  • Always be sensitive. If you’ve known that your workmate lost someone, make sure that you offer your condolences. However, let them heal in silence if they have expressly stated not to mention the death of their loved ones.
  • You can also help them by offering to cover their shifts if they need it. Some people prefer to work if they’re bereaved, and that’s normal. However, if they’re at work and they become forgetful or distracted, be considerate to what they’re currently feeling or experiencing.
  • If you’re an employer or manager, ensure that the business has a compassionate bereavement policy. Also, always check on those bereaved employees.
Neighbors and Community
  • You can also offer a helping hand for neighbors or families in the community who are bereaved. You can provide to help them do their chores like gardening or shopping to minimize their chores.
  • Show up and say something to your neighbor and be truthful. Be there for them and be a friend during this moments and even after.
  • If necessary, you can also organize a fundraising for bereavement. Make sure that the activities or means must be approved by the family or friends to avoid misunderstanding during the process.


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