How Can Software Help You Organise a Better Funeral Fundraising Event

How Can Software Help You Organise a Better Funeral Fundraising Event

Planning a fundraiser for your funeral is an admirable undertaking. However, doing so can be rather stressful. Larger events that require a great deal of working with vendors and other service and product providers can be rather exhausting, too, especially if this event is being planned by one or a few people. There are better ways to go about planning these events, though. When it comes to planning a large fundraising event, the best thing to do is to make use of software that can guide the planning process.


Determine Technological Needs

First and foremost, the type of access to technology needs to be assessed. This technology can be anything from mobile devices like cell phones and tablets to traditional desktops and laptops. However, accessing as much technology as possible means maximising the ability to plan the next, big event with ease. Some local and state nonprofit associations can provide consultation and referral services of where to gain information on more technology that could be available. A list of these associations can be found on the National Council of Nonprofits‘ website.

Clarifying Points of Importance

Initially deciding to plan a non-profit fundraising event can be extremely overwhelming. However, what needs to be declared from the beginning of the planning process is to make certain that the reason behind throwing this event is rather clear. Some software programs can help with guidance in figuring out these important parts of the process.

Some software options also can provide insight in how to decide what major goals should be for the project. The goals need to be blatantly clear, written out, and should not be altered once the project has begun. Therefore, they need to be logical choices. The software options available today for planning such events means clarifying these goals and sticking to them in as many ways as possible. The goals need to be quantifiable, meaning they have to rely on numbers. Some examples of quantifiable goals are having 5,000 attendees for the event or raising $10,000.00. These types of goals are the best ones to deal with.

Defining a Target Audience

Most software options that are available for planning fundraisers also help to narrow down and refine information on the target audience for this event. Knowing who will be coming to this event will also help to define what the event will be and how it can unfold successfully. First and foremost, there is a need to figure out what kind of action these people are expected to take.

Are they to attend the event with influential business members, or are they to rely on a network of their family and friends to drive interest for attendance?

Knowing the audience’s demographics early in the planning process will help to decide how to decide which people to include in this event. Also, knowing their interests and habits can also tempt them to attend the event. This information can drive the types of vendors and entertainment that will be held at the reception. If you want people to do more than just mingle and network at the event, then knowing their interests and habits will clarify which activities to hold during the event.

Types of Software Available

Some software works to provide step-by-step organisation and guidance through planning an event. Services such as those through software companies like Planning Pod even go as far as to manage social media and websites to make spreading the news and planning the event all the easier. Some of these software programs also offer trackers for attendees who will be coming to the event, so establishing RSVPs has never been easier. They can also create schedules and floor plans, too. Calendars and to-do lists can be shared throughout software like Mobile Cause, which will keep everyone involved with the planning process on track while keeping lines of communication as open and clear as possible.

Many of these programs are also very precise at tracking budget information about your event. This information is much attuned to knowing what money is coming in and which funds are going out. It will track the venue, vendors, decorations, and entertainment costs in spreadsheets that compare funds across the board. It can be as simple as the following steps:

  • Create a list of items needed
  • Provide a description of each for the spreadsheet
  • Input the amount needed
  • Research items that satisfy the budget
  • Key in estimated costs
  • Compare those estimates to actual costs
  • Pad the budget for unexpected expenses

These spreadsheets are extremely beneficial because they provide details for all aspects of planning the event. Software options for planning fundraisers need to offer these spreadsheets as a bare minimum for their available tools.

Another essential aspect to planning software for fundraisers is being able to connect with your target audience easily. Simply making phone calls, sending mass emails and text messages, or posting to a social media site is not enough. Audience members need to feel as if they are part of a tribe that is being enticed to work together for a successful event. In short, the audience needs to feel welcomed into the conversation of what goes on at the event. Some software options even allow for audience members to have input as they can be surveyed for certain likes and dislikes.


When it comes to planning a fundraiser for a non-profit organisation, there are a lot of things to consider throughout the entire process. The software has been made to simplify this process and to keep you on top of the planning steps. It will also let you communicate with other people involved in the planning process, including target audience members, both before and during the event.


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