Green Burial: A Natural and Eco-Friendly Life After Death

Green Burial: A Natural and Eco-Friendly Life After Death

The concept of natural or green burials is becoming popular. Not only do we slowly recognize the prevailing problem for space in cemeteries but we are well-aware that even in death we still cause an adverse impact on the environment. Why not memorialize your loved ones through any of these biodegradable and eco-friendly options?

Green burial is becoming popular in funeral industry and currently being led by the idea of organic tree pods, infinity burial suit, and the biodegradable urns.




Capsula Mundi is the leading startup of organic tree pods. Encased in a seed capsule, the human body or corpse will literally turn into a tree overtime. The seed will grow as the body decomposes resulting to greener memorial gardens. Egg-shaped burial pods feed the trees turning cemeteries into funeral forests.


Another similar concept is the infinity burial suit. Other known terms include mushroom death suit because it is lined with different species of mushrooms. It grows by consuming the remains and nutrients from the soil. The suit is currently sold on the market at the similar price of a coffin.

Although cremation is cheaper in expenses compared to interment, one of its cons is that the process has adverse effects to nature. Cremating a human body utilizes an average of 15kWh of electricity and 285 kWh of gas. This is the average monthly consumption of a person.

For a more detailed comparison between the two, see Cremation vs Burial.


A biodegradable urn on the other hand, utilizes cremation by-product (mostly made up of ashes) to serve as plant fertilizer. Aside from cremated remains, the composted urn is also added with organic microbial agents to help initiate tree growth.


Modern biodegradable urns such as the Bios Incube is smart app-controlled incubator where you can track the plant’s water, sunlight, and temperature needs through a sensor. The sensor’s data is directly sent to your mobile phone’s app.


Death can positively impact the lives of the living. An open-minded approach on commemorating the deceased offers a new meaning to “life after death”.

To sum it all up, here’s a detailed list of biodegradable or natural burial choices to consider:

Eco-Friendly Burials

Innovative concepts such as the ones mentioned above can influence how we see death and treat the dead. Before making a decision on alternative burial processes, it is vital to consider all the factors and discuss this matter with your family.


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