5 New Trends in the Funeral Industry

5 New Trends in the Funeral Industry

Like everything else in the world the funeral industry is also constantly evolving. The continuing development of technology, globalization, and the birth of new philosophical movements has made a profound impact in all aspects of our lives—and even in the industry of death. Funerals nowadays are more sophisticated, but convenient and accessible. According to the National Funeral Directors Association here are the new and rising trends in the business:


 1. Nontraditional Funeral Services and Resting Places

In the past funerals were gloomy events but nowadays they are full of positivity. These days, rather than focusing on grief people choose to celebrate the memory and legacy of their deceased instead. These affairs are called Life Celebration Funerals. They also offer symbolic ceremonies for guests such as Dove Releasing, Balloon Releasing, or a Fireworks show.

With the advent of overpopulation many funeral homes are now running short on space. To solve this problem, community mausoleums and columbaria are now being offered.


2. Livestreaming and Social Media

Video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Skype, and FaceTime are now being used to broadcast your funeral service to your loved ones from faraway places.

Social sites such as Facebook and Twitter can now be used to publish obituaries and memorials. Friends and relatives can then leave comments and share the events from these sites.


3. Planning Ahead

Thinking about your own funeral can be depressing, but these days it’s better to be practical and prepare for the inevitable. Planning ahead allows you to have control over the arrangement, flow, and implementation of your funeral. Early preparations also allow you to anticipate your budget. You are not, however, obligated by your funeral home to pay right away once you begin making arrangements for your funeral, although most people prefer to pay in advance so as not to burden their families financially.


4. Personalization

Customized caskets and themed funerals are now on the rise. If you want to send off your deceased in style, treyganemdesigns offers to create personalized caskets to make your loved one’s funeral extra special.

If you prefer cremation, get ready to be amazed — or creeped out. This website offers to store your remains in a personalized head statue or figure. You have the option to use the likeness of your favorite fictional character or celebrity or you can use your own face, most people prefer the latter.


5. Eco-Friendly Funerals 

People have nothing but praises for the green burial movement ever since it gained popular attention. Now that people are more environmentally aware and concerned, the focus has now shifted from making grand monuments for the dead to making contributions for the living.

Do you want to give back to Mother Nature when you die?

Biodegradable coffins are now available in the US. More and more people are going back to the ancient methods of burial as the process of embalming contains many chemicals that may harm the land.

Also, now your remains can be transformed into a living reef when you die, saving space on land and providing shelter at sea.

Finally, the most popular thing right now is the Bios Urn. Now you can be a tree when you die. Your remains are stored in a biodegradable urn that will aid the growth of a tree seed that’s packed along with your essence. Now how’s that for eco-friendly?


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