Dealing with Grief: Seeking Support from Others

Dealing with Grief: Seeking Support from Others

Recovering from a recent loss is easier when you have the right support system. Whenever available, acknowledge others’ offer of support. Do not grieve alone. Find comfort in talking about your feelings and express them accordingly instead of repressing it.

The following can be considered as resources in establishing your own support system:

Family Members and Friends

Sharing the burden of loss alleviates the experience. Talk to the people close to you about your struggles and, later on, try to open yourself up to other people.

Spiritual or Religious Circle

Following a religious tradition can be helpful in providing comfort. Activities such as praying or talking to the minister are a great way to verbalize your feelings in times of grief.


If you’re not a religious person, you can also try meditation. There are numerous guided meditation techniques one can follow to help you get through your grief.

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Grief Support Group

Those who are grieving may experience social isolation that’s why it’s important to find a social group that understands what you’re going through. If you’re still uncomfortable opening up with family and friends, you can attend a grief recovery support group near you.

Mental Health Professional or Therapist

Counseling is also one of the most practical way for you to deal with grief. First, let your family and friends recommend a professional. Make sure that you open yourself in your most comfortable time or period and don’t rush the process.

Regardless of what means and ways you’re comfortable, make sure that you always help yourself. It’s necessary to remember these things during the process:

  • Don’t judge yourself for your reactions during the situation.
  • Find a way that you can express yourself, such as through writing or painting.
  • Focus on your daily routines and don’t excuse yourself from your daily chores.

Grieving is a process that takes time. Allow yourself to feel the pain, however, exert an effort for you to overcome these emotions, too.