Creating a Green Funeral Plan

Creating a Green Funeral Plan

Learn how to plan a green funeral your way! We will be discussing everything you will need to know about planning a green funeral. Whether you create a basic funeral plan or want to plan all aspects of your funeral beforehand, we have some great advice and tools to help you start to finish.

A Step-By-Step Guide

Planning ahead is the best thing anyone can do. Start with some of the basics: will you want to be buried in the ground, cremated, donated to medical science, or a burial at sea.

Funeral service options might include a traditional funeral, memorial service, graveside service, or no service at all.

You will need to estimate the cost of your funeral. Knowing what is important to you will be key to estimating the final expenses of your green funeral plan.

Make sure to share your plan with your loved ones so they know your plan ahead of time. You will want to pick a reliable family member, or friend to be the one responsible for carrying out your green funeral plan. Start with a basic funeral plan and keep it updated as you add details to it over time.

Specify as many of the details of your funeral formalities as you wish. This part is optional if you would prefer not to go into as much detail. However keep in mind that this will be helpful for your loved ones who will be making your final arrangements for the funeral.

Making the financial arrangements to allow your family to pay for the funeral is probably the most important aspect of the plan. Talking with a burial insurance specialist to help you figure out if you are leaving behind enough money to cover your funeral costs and other final expenses is important. If you don’t leave sufficient funds to cover the expense of your Green funeral plan it will not go as anticipated. You might consider funeral insurance, pre-purchased cemetery plot, and a pre-need contract for a funeral service provider that you want. This will protect your plan so that the green funeral you have envisioned will go as intended.

The organization of your documents and your key personal information is important. This is essential in allowing your family to wrap up your affairs quickly, and this will be helpful to anyone that will be delivering your eulogy or writing an obituary. Also think about what you might want to leave behind for genealogy purposes. Your future generations of your family will likely appreciate all of the information you can leave them.


Funeral Planning Checklist

It is said that the best time to plan a funeral is any time except the time of the funeral. After all, it’s never a good idea to plan a wedding just days before the wedding. A funeral should be the celebration of life. Planning this will allow you the opportunity to choose what you want, and how you want it done. The best part, if you change your mind down the road, just update your funeral plan.

Green Pre-Planning: Since a green burial is a fairly new option available although is becoming increasingly more popular every day. The pre-planning process is the perfect time to investigate your options.

How to Cover Green Funeral Costs

There are many elements that go into the cost of a green funeral. Green funeral planning is becoming increasingly more popular because of the rising cost of services provided by the funeral director everything from the casket to the flowers continue to rise. Today, the average cost of a funeral can certainly top $8,000. A green burial could cost more or less than a traditional one but if you don’t leave behind a way to pay for these items it can place a heavy financial burden on your loved ones.

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