How to Choose a Funeral Home

A funeral home is one of the primary concerns once a loved one has passed away or when planning your own when that time comes. This is important to ensure that you and your family will have a trusted and expert partner during these difficult times. The process will never be easy which is why we’ve come up with these guidelines on how to start and what to look for in a funeral home.


Buried or cremated?

This should be the first criteria on your list. Consider the wishes of your loved one before he or she passes away. Make sure to arrange this with the chosen funeral home. If you or the person who died wants to be buried, then consider a funeral home that has its own cemetery or has a direct access to one. If cremation is the preferred option, make sure that they have their own crematorium and choice of urns to store the ashes afterwards.

Services Offered

Start with research. Is the proximity of the establishment near your residence? Is it accessible for the elderly and disabled individuals? Browse their respective websites if they have one. Checking out the services the funeral home offers can help you narrow down your options. Once you have come up with a number of list, you may visit each place to assess what you personally think of it. You can also ask for brochures or price checklist so you can compare and decide after giving all of them a tour.



Ask for the funeral provider’s price list for general services. Always choose a funeral home that provides the necessary services within your budget. Remember, if the death is sudden, you might not have prepared for it, so find a company that provides the best service with an affordable price. You can also look for a funeral home that accepts credit cards to help you on your expenses.



Always consider the service providers who are close to your home or within your neighborhood. It’s important to make considerations for the people who will be driving for the service and consider their comfort, too, during this time. Make sure that the family won’t experience any hassle during the service, too.


Religious Preference

While scouting for a funeral home, don’t forget to consider the religious preference of the business and the person who passed away. Make sure that if the individual who passed away is Catholic, then look for a funeral home that can accommodate their religious beliefs and traditions.


Know your Rights

As a client, you also have the following rights when dealing and transacting with a funeral home. Do not sign anything unless you’ve read and agreed to all the terms in the contract. Remember that as a customer, you have the right to choose what product or service to buy from them. Along with this, the funeral provider is also expected to follow their published price.

If you choose to purchase a casket outside, the funeral home is entitled to handle the casket similarly to the caskets bought from them. Also, for cremation, the funeral home most provides a variety of choices of containers for the family of the deceased to choose from.

Lastly, gather the important and necessary documents of the deceased if you’ve decided on a funeral home. Some of these include the marriage and birth certificate of the deceased and the pre-arrangement documents if the deceased have one. You must also provide the date, time, and place the person died.  

These are just some of the things to consider. Make sure to ask for your friends and family’s help and opinion when looking for the right funeral home your loved one.


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