Benefits of Selecting Funeral Packages at

Benefits of Selecting Funeral Packages at

At we understand the process of saying goodbye and honoring loved ones after they have passed on can be both emotional and stressful. We also realize many people prefer to plan for death to ease that emotional stress for family members. Whether honoring a family member after death or easing the emotional stress for family by planning early, we are here to provide users of our site peace of mind by simplifying the funeral planning process.

Funeral Planning Made Easy offers packaged funerals for both traditional burials and cremation, and our overall goal is to help users navigate the personal and emotional subject of death. To meet this goal, we provide users with an inexpensive alternative to planning a funeral and a system that allows them to capture what they want for their funeral. Users can:

  • Quickly and easily plan a funeral from the comfort of home;
  • Select the right package to eliminate the stress of wondering what decisions to make;
  • Choose from six burial package options;
  • Choose from five cremation package options.

Once users select a package, they can save it via email and/or print for their records. By engaging in this process from home, users eliminate a big step in the funeral planning process. They simply take their plan to the funeral home of their choice to finalize the remaining steps.

Simplified Packaged Funerals

Another way we strive to simplify the planning process is through our site’s ease of package selection. By clicking on the category of choice, Burial Packages or Cremation Packages, users find all the details each package offers. This includes the package name, and whether or not facilities for luncheons, dinners, viewings, or visitations are needed. The descriptions include embalming preferences, additional preparations needed, transportation requests, funeral home and cemetery options, images of the types of coffins and urns, and more importantly, cost. In other words, our site provides all the visual and written details users need to make the appropriate choice so they know exactly what they get for the price they pay. Unfortunately, some funeral homes sell people expensive packages and include things they may not want or need. We eliminate that hassle for families with our simplified approach.

Cost Savings on Packages

As stated, when using our site to plan, users know they’re getting the best package for the right price. We organize our packages according to least expensive to most expensive, but all packages offer cost savings. We took the average costs for funerals across the nation and incorporated discount prices to benefit our clients. Our Burial Packages, which range from $6,950 – $25,665, offer savings of $245 – $3,731. The cost for our Cremation Packages ranges from $3,995 – $9,822 with a cost savings of $145 – $1,436. Users will notice the savings increase with each package deal.


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