Are Burial Vaults Necessary?

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There are different reasons why people have burial vaults. One is that some cemeteries require having it while others consider it as an important part for the safekeeping of the ashes or the decomposed remains of their loved ones. For those who are still unsure of getting one, here are some details that you might find helpful in your decision.

For those who are unaware, burial vaults or burial containers are common in funerals. These are containers which are made up of your preferred material in order to protect the casket when it is buried. Majority of the vaults sold have warranties which are sold by either coffin makers or the funeral service providers.


Majority of these containers are made up of either or mixed of metal, concrete, or polystyrene. The vault can also be lined with your preferred material such as bronze or copper. For personalization, others opt to decorate elaborate designs on the vaults of their loved ones.


One of the reasons why some cemeteries require vaults is to minimize the maintenance of the burial grounds.

While there is a strong consensus that there is no need for any type of burial vault or protective container for coffins, consumer groups in the US are requiring cemeteries to provide their own burial vaults with basic design and functions.

Here are some of the things you should consider prior to making a decision:

  • Ask if the cemetery requires the burial vault. If not, you can skip the purchase.
  • If the cemetery requires it, make sure to ask for the acceptable requirement for the vault. Note the size and material to be used as well as the cost for each kind.
  • Always ask for the published rates of the manufacturers or the funeral service provider. Do not hesitate to ask for the price and other miscellaneous fees during the installation.
  • If the deceased wishes to be cremated, an urn vault is a good option. Majority of the cremation service providers sell these in different variety and kind.
  • If unsure of the prices, you can scout for a more affordable vault online or in other area.


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