Advantages of Online Obituaries

Advantages of Online Obituaries

A newsletter or a death notice to a newspaper is often created by the next of kin once their relatives or family passes away. These are used to inform the friends of the deceased and those who know him or her about the news of his/her passing. It usually contains the basic facts about the deceased, including name, birthday, date of death, and other similar information.

However, some people are already considering online obituaries. These notices are published online and is a fresh way to communicate such news. Nonetheless, if you’re still unsure if you should go online, then here are some of the advantages of an online obituary that you should consider.


Online obituaries provide a more centralized and long-lasting space compared to newspaper obituaries. Here, people can share their feelings and sympathy for the family and friends of the deceased. There are also a lot of types of content that you can use which includes stories, photos, videos, and even share the charities that they’ve supported.

Easy to Share

The content you create in memory of your loved one can easily be shared with others who know him/her, too. Online sharing is easy; you can easily share through email. Also, don’t forget to include sharing the necessary data to view the obituary.

Visually Appealing

Considering that you have a lot of medium to choose from, online obituaries are more visually appealing compared to the traditional obituaries. You can choose what images and videos to share, theme, motif, and even font style of the notice that you make. Customize it according to your loved one’s design preference, personality, or even favorite color.

Memories Live On

The fact that digital obituaries do not get torn and can be shared with anyone, you also get the chance to let your loved one’s memories live with you. The stories and photos you share with friends and family will always be part of your lives and can even help you deal with your grief.

How to Make an Online Obituary?

If you’re already convinced, then start making one for the dead family or friend now. However, you have to first research for the website where you can publish it. Make sure that the website provides the following information:

  • Templates
  • Hosting period
  • Customer or client reviews
  • Customization options
  • Allows photograph and video uploads
  • Privacy settings and shareability

Once you’ve chosen one, you can now start creating an obituary within their guideline. Most websites also offer customized services and templates that you can use. Communicate with the website regarding the design elements you want to use in the obituary, especially if you’re customizing it to represent your deceased loved one’s personality.

Before publishing, make sure to do the following:

  • Proofread the content
  • Make sure they or you used the appropriate photographs and videos
  • Check and review whether all the information are correct

Once you’re done reviewing, you can now submit and publish. Remember that this is still based on your preference. If you think having a print obituary is better, you can also opt for posting the same content on the newspaper.

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