Estimated Cost of a Funeral in the United States

Item Cremation Ceremony Cost Traditional Funeral Cost
Basic Service of Funeral Director & Staff $2,195 $3,195
Transfer of Deceased to Funeral Home $290 $290
Embalming Optional $700
Other Preparation of the Deceased $190 $190
Use of Facilities & Staff for Ceremony $500 $500
Casket $1,995
Burial Vault $1,395
Rental Casket $795
Hearse $290
Procession Car/Flower Car $190
Urn $195
Urn Vault $395
Total for Funeral Home $4,560 $9,245
Other Expenses
Grave Digging and Filling $300 $650
Obituary in Local Newspaper $100 $100
Honorarium Paid to Minister/Priest $100 $100
Florist:Casket Spray $150 $150
Grand Total : Suggested Insurance Amount $5,210


Estimates based upon a review of publicly available price lists from funeral homes in the U.S.

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How much does a funeral cost?


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